Mindfulness ( MBCT ) for Life – Next course starts February 2019

Join us for an eight-week course in mindfulness and learn how to better manage your thoughts, worries, anxiety, stress and chronic pain.

In this course, we will show you how simple mental practices that do not require any specific equipment or tools, can help you greatly increase the quality of both your sleeping and awake time.

The course is called Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy for Life [MBCT-L] and includes both cognitive-behavioural techniques and mindfulness practices. The course has been developed by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, part of Oxford University in the UK.

As well as practicing meditation and mind techniques, we also look beyond the course and offer guidance to our participants in how to take the learnings into everyday life. This allows you to take away useful ways for dealing with difficulties and to cultivate both equanimity and compassion.

The MBCT-L course shows an alternate way of being, a way of living that also includes enjoying life to the full and realising our full potential, as well as dealing with difficulties in a more useful way when they arise.

The programme content is largely experiential and we welcome practitioners from all walks of life and experience. Our courses are secular though we acknowledge and refer to both the Buddhist and Yogic roots of mindfulness as well as the latest neuroscience research and evidence relating to mindfulness practice.

This course is suitable to both beginners and practitioners that wish to deepen their practice and understanding of mindfulness.

The courses starts in the spring and autumn and the cost is EU250 (A EU50 discount is available for early bookings)

In addition to the eight weekly teaching sessions, we also include in the course a one-day workshop to help you identify and practice those parts of the programme that works best for you.  This normally takes place on the Saturday between sessions six and seven (10:00 – 15:00 )

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