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“Kindness – A way of being”

Mindfulness Teacher, Supervisor & Mentor

Frame by Frame

I will be teaching the Frame by Frame 8 week course for the OMF on the following dates:

1st April 1000 – 1200 – *FULL*
11th August 0700 – 0900

Mindfulness for Life

I will be teaching the MBCT-L Mindfulness for Life 8 week course for the OMF on the following dates:

16th July 0900 – 1115
27th July 1800 – 2015

1 Day retreats / All Day Practice

These are 5 hour practice sessions following the curricula of the OMF Mindfulness for Life (MBCT-L) course all day session.

Great news, if you aiming for the OMF teacher training then these retreat days are approved to count towards your Mindfulness for Life training if you missed the all day session in the course.

They also count towards your PDP practice in most professions (please confirm with your supervisor)

There is no set charge and you donate what you can afford.

You need to register for each session you plan to attend as the link is different.

7/5 2023 Sun 1500

4/6 2023 Sun 0700

July no session

6/8 2023 Sun 1500

3/9 2023 Sun 0700

29/10 2023 Sun 1500

26/11 2023 Sun 0700

17/12 2023 Sun 1500

– hope to see you there.
Per /x

PS! These days are normally the first weekend of each month.

Listen here of a lovely poscast interview with Christine Wehrmeier from More to Life